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Meet our Leadership Team.

We would like to introduce ourselves. All our team members are volunteers and give many hours of their free time in supporting the good work across the Tameside and wider Greater Manchester region. All our volunteers are trained to First Aid level 3 or First Responder level 3 or 4. Manual handling trained and competent in dealing with complex cases in a humanistic nature.

If you feel you could be a volunteer please contact us vie the email or telephone number on this site.

John Gilmour

Paramedic in Uniform

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Lifeline Ambulance C.I.C.

Supporting the Community

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About Lifeline Ambulance C.I.C.

From the beginning, Lifeline Ambulance C.I.C. has been driven by the interests and involvement of our incredible and engaged community members. We are a growing Community Interest Company (C.I.C.) Our focus is on providing a source of service delivery ensuring our service users safety is paramount.

We require further support from local companies and organisations to enable our team to continue to volunteer and offer valuable support to the local and wider communities.


To get a sense of who we really are, take a look at the photographs and stories of our good work. Post a question, answer, or engage with your fellow community members. Want to learn more about how we operate? Get in touch today.


Welcome to Lifeline Ambulance C.I.C.

About us

Welcome to our Health Community, a space where you can ask, discuss and answer questions on any topic you’re interested in. Take a look at our list of categories or create your own.

We were all impressed with you and your teams professional attitude to safety and care, delivered with confidence and cheer. 
The help you provided allowed my Dad to get back home from hospital when NHS services were unable to provide staff/equipment to negotiate the inclined driveway at his home. 
From all of us, Thank You to John and the team. Mark C.
Thank you for transporting my Grandad from hospital to his home. Without your volunteering we wouldn’t of been able to get him home safely and fast. 
We really appreciate all you have done.
Honestly can’t thank these staff enough.  Travelled to us without hesitation and was here within the hour to help us, bringing vital equipment required with them.  After exhausting numerous services within our locality to no avail, these professional, polite and courteous staff ensured we were safely caring for others.  Thank you very much from all of us at Royley House.  We would certainly recommend your kindness to anyone, definitely more than a 5 star service, Sandra

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