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Your clothes bringing in cash for Good deeds

For every Kilogram of your unwanted used clothing we at Lifeline will be paid monies to keep the good work we do in service. Its not just clothing we require, we also can use;

  • Belts

  • Shoes (paired)

  • handbags,

  • hats,

  • household textiles (such as sheets, towels, pillow cases, duvet covers)

We gratefully accept all of your donations and will endeavour to get one of the team to collect your kind offering to raise monies to keep the Service alive and kicking.

How do we get paid for the clothing and item's donated?

We are working in collaboration with a recycling company that pay 0.30 for ever Kg weighed. This company pay our account 1 week after the collection from our designated pick up area has been made. As you can imagine we need quite a lot of donations to actually make enough funds to keep the service going purely on this basis and because of this we do ask our patrons to kindly make a donation that they can afford.

How do I make a Donation of the items requested?

You can contact a member of the team by either emailing on: or calling 0161 204 7778 and arranging a pick up or drop off of your items.

Unless you speak to any registered official volunteer of Lifeline Community Ambulance C.I.C. you're donation may not go to this cause. (Please ensure you are speaking to a member of the team and not someone posing as a member of Lifeline). Contacting any of the above mentioned details will prevent miss-allocation to other non related agencies.

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