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People of Mossley give supplies for Ukraine

Thank you to the people of Mossley for the very kind donations of medical supplies, alcohol gel and face-masks which will all come in useful for the welfare of those people ill injured or requiring medical treatment.

The staff and volunteers from Mossley Ammaus contacted John (Lifeline ambulance), to inform John of the collections handed in by local Mossley residents that heard John present his pitch at the Mossley Soup event last month.

John has since managed to procure a large collection of brand new footballs for the youth club members based in Mossley that attended Mossley Soup event, and is aiming to hand these over prior to leaving for the Ukraine.

Due to recent events happening in the Ukraine and the expected push from Russian forces we intend to leave a further two weeks later than anticipated (Mid-May). Safety of everyone is of course paramount. We have also had one of our drivers/organisers (Mr Sam Lane from MAK Security) taken ill who should be back to their normal self ready for the 3500mile round trip journey in which to deliver the needed supplies. We all wish him a speedy recovery.

Thank you for all your support in helping towards reducing the pain and hurt that the people of Ukraine are enduring.

If you need to contact us at Lifeline our number is 0161 204 7778 or email:

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