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Meet the Team

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

LifeLine concept came from the experiences of John Gilmour (Founder) who, while working as a Casualty nurse ( Accident& Emergency) found that some elderly patients were having difficulty returning back to their residencies during the initial Covid outbreak 2019. John decided to purchase an ambulance being sold by an ambulance service from Gloucester. Purchased for £5000 the ambulance has delivered a variety of community initiatives linking with volunteers around the northwest.

Working collaboratively

Fuel has been paid for by MAK Security in order to ensure the service remains available for all those that contact John on 0161 204 7778. You can email the team by clicking on the contact us link or emailing direct to

We have a team of volunteers with a multitude of experience.

If you wish to support us please contact us on the above details and we will discuss all options available.

Thank you.

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